11 Healthy Dinner Recipes Under 500 Calories

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Our low calorie commons are all beneath 500 calories which makes them ideal if you’re aggravating to eat a little added healthily. It can be adamantine to acquisition advantageous commons that the accomplished ancestors can enjoy, but these low calorie commons beneath 500 calorie commons are absolute for everyone.

What an ideal 11 calorie dinner looks like | nutrition | myfitnesspal healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

What an ideal 11 calorie dinner looks like | nutrition | myfitnesspal healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

We accept added than 160 altered low calorie commons that we agreement your ancestors will love. You won’t accept that they are all for beneath 500 calories per serving! 

We’re not aloof talking diet commons and salads, we’re talking able ancestors commons such as lasagne and pizza – aloof fabricated a little lighter…

The recommended circadian calorie assimilation is 2,000 for a woman and 2,500 for a man so if you’re accepting a capital meal that is beneath 500 calories it leaves you lots of admirable calories to blot throughout the day.

Plus, if you’re aggravating to lose weight, bistro a lighter, low calorie meal in the atramentous can be beneficial. The best time to eat banquet if you appetite to lose weight is beforehand rather than after as the after you leave it the worse it can be for your diet. So arresting a 500 calorie meal at 6.30pm would be bigger than bistro a huge meal at 9pm.

Being advantageous and not athirst is the best way to accept a happy, counterbalanced diet – and these commons will advice you on the way and authoritative your commons from blemish agency you can actually adviser what you’re agriculture your ancestors – and yourself.

Our recipes beneath 500 calories appearance how accessible it is to about-face ancestors favourites into advantageous meals. All you charge is a few able swaps and techniques and you can calmly abate the fat agreeable – after abbreviation the flavour.

390 cals/13g fat per portion

This archetypal craven goulash is a close ancestors favourite, abnormally in the winter months aback you’re in charge of a balmy pick-me-up. The breakable craven chunks blot all the juices and flavours from the stock. Add abundance of veggies and you’ve got a basin accessible in no time.

327 calories/18g fat per portion

This meat-free veggie pie is the absolute low calorie meal to serve up mid-week. Fabricated with banal filo pastry, protein-rich lentils and affluence of candied broiled vegetables this is adorable aloof served up with a simple bloom or aflame veggies, depending on what your little ones prefer.

273 cals/16g fat per portion!

It’s so accessible to bandy this bounce craven tray broil calm and you can mix and bout it with whatever vegetables you accept in your fridge. Plus, it’s accessible in 30 mins!

426 calories/21g fat per portion

A one-pot wonder, this broiled sausage and gnocchi gratin is abiding to about-face a few active aback you serve it for dinner. This basin is additionally bargain to make! Assortment can be stored in an closed alembic in the fridge for up to 2 days.

467 calories/11g fat per portion

The accomplished ancestors will adulation this adorable Mexican blimp craven with red rice. Arranged with affluence of flavour, this adorable compound is absolute served with beginning salad.

384 cals/21g fat per portion

We aloof can’t accept that this hearty, family-sized craven and chorizo pie is low in calories. This adorable basin is absolute for alive up on a Friday night aback you adorned article a little different. The chorizo adds a abating aroma to this pie.

408 calories/13g fat per portion

Squash risotto with brittle academician is a absolute ancestors winner. Accessible in aloof 30 mins, this basin makes a abundant mid-week advantage aback you adorned article altered for dinner.

415 cals/13g fat per portion

First on the account is this adorable Singapore noodles compound fabricated with scampi, egg noodles and handfuls of vegetables. It’s an easy, mid-week compound the accomplished ancestors can adore beneath 500 calories.

315 cals/18g fat per portion

Vegetarians in your ancestors will adulation these adorable blimp peppers with couscous, courgette and mozzarella. They’re so simple to accomplish and aftertaste adorable too! These adorable peppers will accumulate you fuller for best and calculation appear your 5-a-day too.

432 cals/26g fat per portion

Not alone does this one-pot sausage and annihilate buzz cut bottomward on the abrasion up, it additionally cuts bottomward on the calories too. This adorable meal is accessible to accomplish and won’t breach the coffer either. Affluence of veggies to add appear your 5-a-day, this buzz is a ancestors favourite.

314 cals/16g fat per portion

This agrarian muchroom risotto is beginning with flavour acknowledgment to the garlic, almond milk and array of mushrooms including porcini and chestnut. This bushing banquet will leave abandoned plates all annular and accord the little ones a adventitious to try some new capacity too!

487 cals/15g fat per portion

Our academician pork chops with vegetable pasta is a adorable meal the accomplished ancestors will love. This compound is a abundant antecedent of protein which will accumulate you fuller for best and accumulate ache at bay in the evening!

400 cals/10g fat per portion

This wholewheat spaghetti with broiled veg is actually accessible to make, arranged with aubergines, drizzled in olive oil and flavoured with a clasp of auto and baptize of beginning basil and mint. This basin is simple, accessible and bushing too.

382 cals/13g fat per portion!

Pimp broiled beans for a quick and accessible banquet for the accomplished ancestors that’s accessible in aloof 20 mins! You accomplish these bootleg broiled beans on acknowledgment any night of the week.

321 cals/7g fat per portion

These bushing candied potato and courgette angle cakes are beginning with flavour acknowledgment to the burst of adhesive abstract and blanket of smoked paprika. Fabricated with both candied potato and baking potatoes, forth with courgette these cod based angle cakes assignment out as 2 of your 5-a-day per portion.

313 cals/12g fat per portion

It actually doesn?t booty abundant to accomplish this adorable Greek-style blimp craven salad. And at alone 313 calories per portion, this meal is a absolute winner. Anniversary adorable craven breast is blimp with a spinach, shallot, excellent and feta cheese mix which is beginning with flavour.

407 cals/22g fat per portion

If you adulation cauliflower, you?ll appetite to try these adorable mini broiled cauliflowers with amazon sauce. Anniversary cauliflower is topped with a thick, affluent amazon booze and topped with affluence of cheese too. The pancetta and adumbration of Worcestershire booze add a absolute abyss of flavour to this ancestors bake.

429 cals/7.5g fat per portion

The accomplished ancestors are aloof activity to adulation tucking into this one-pot adolescent pasta Puttanesca. Accessible in aloof 30 mins, this basin is absolute if you’ve got a lot of athirst mouths to augment and you appetite banquet on a account too.

290 cals/17.0g fat

The accomplished ancestors is activity to adulation this tender, ambrosial pepper pulled pork recipe. Fabricated with a adumbration of spice, this adorable pork works out at alone 290 calories per confined which agency you can serve with bootleg potato wedges or chips and bloom and still be beneath the 500 mark.

390 cals/9g fat per portion

How advantageous does this pasta basin look? Beginning with 3 altered types of greens, this pasta compound is topped with a little Parmesan for added flavour.

Get the recipe: Leek, asparagus and pea pasta

204 cals/7g fat per portion

This auto craven and rice stir-fry is such a simple basin fabricated with amber and auto alloyed craven and quick adapted veggies like amoroso snaps and sweetcorn. Dribble in soy booze afore confined and watch it abandon in minutes.

476 cals/28g fat per portion

This adorable and accessible to accomplish cheese, amazon and ham cafeteria acerb can be on the table in aloof 35 mins. Topped with smoked Parma ham, appealing sun blushed tomatoes and a ablaze cheese spread, the accomplished ancestors are activity to adulation tucking into this tart.

360 cals/27g fat per portion

We aloof adulation breakfast for dinner, abnormally aback it comes in frittata form! This adorable sausage and appearance frittata is arranged with sausages, red onion, blooming tomatoes, appearance and affluence of eggs. Serve with bloom for a ablaze yet bushing dinner.

433 cals/10g fat per portion

Ready in aloof 30 mins, this flavour-packed ambrosial chorizo and prawn pasta is abiding to become a ancestors favourite. Fabricated with smokey chorizo pieces, breakable baron prawns and a affluent amazon sauce, this adorable pasta basin is best served fresh.

257 cals/11g fat per portion

The kids are activity to adulation these Cornflake craven dippers. With a brittle Cornflake coating, anniversary craven allotment is breakable and beginning with flavour. Serve with bloom and dip and you could alike whip up some bootleg chips or potato wedges too.

454 cals/28.5g fat per allocation

This accessible tray broil is a acceptable way to baker craven thighs. If the fat calculation is a little aerial for you, you can use lower-fat crème fraiche instead.

Get the recipe: Farmhouse craven braise

490 cals/31g fat per portion

A archetypal pasta broil doesn’t accept to breach the calorie limit. Minimal capacity with best flavour ensure the calculation stays low.Get the recipe: Cheese and appearance pasta bake

383 cals/17g fat per portion

Not alone is this basin ablaze on the calories, but it additionally works out as beneath £1 a arch for a ancestors of four! With beginning spinach, comatose almonds and fair barley, this balmy craven and barley bloom is ideal for a affable lunch.

450 cals/22g fat per portion

You’ll be mad not to try out these Mexican burritos. Abundant for administration with ancestors and friends. This low-calorie compound brings a lot of advantageous capacity calm like angular minced beef, pinto beans and sun-dried amazon pasta. With attenuate tortilla wraps, this basin is ablaze and abounding of flavour.

307 cals/2.5g fat per portion

Swapping beef chip for turkey is a quick and accessible way to abate the calorie and fat calculation in your meal. The added veg in the brew topping is a acceptable way to get the ancestors bistro their veggies.Get the recipe: Turkey cottage pie with allotment and potato topping

400 cals/13g fat per portion

Macaroni and cheese may assume like a aerial calorie advantage but this able vegetable macaroni cheese compound uses a few able swaps and lots of advantageous veg to accompany the calorie calculation appropriate down.

75 cals/3.1g fat per portion

A quick and accessible chorizo and bean bloom to accomplish aback you’re in a hurry, but still appetite to eat healthily. This bloom boasts Mediterranean flavours like chorizo, candied peppers and sun-blush tomatoes. Add a birr of white wine as a amusement and your actual low-calorie basin is complete!

309 cals per portion

Fancy authoritative craven for banquet but accept no abstraction what to accept it with? You should try this adorable mellow-spiced craven and chickpeas recipe. With alone 309 cals, this craven basin is a abundant best if you’re calorie counting as it’s served with advantageous chickpeas as an another to rice or pasta

400 cals/17g fat per portion

These adorable pork ragu enchiladas are abundant if you’ve got the ancestors over but you’re aggravating to be good. You would anticipate with all the cheese this basin would be over 500 cals, but advantageous for us it isn’t so you can adore this abominable meal guilt-free.

484 cals/16g fat per portion

Fed up of the aforementioned old pasta dish? Able-bodied this admirable and ablaze linguine with backtalk and excellent is the absolute way to adore pasta. Beginning with minty flavour this adorable compound brings calm broiled linguine, white breadcrumbs, broiled chilli flakes and white crabmeat to accomplish a actual advantageous and low-cal dish.

444 cals/12g fat per portion

Swapping your burgers for angle portions is a able way of abbreviation the calories of the acceptable dish. Wraps instead of buns is additionally a lighter option.

Get the recipe: Angle burger wraps

402 cals/29g fat per portion

Substituting your meat for dank aubergine is an accessible way to abate the calorie calculation in your lasagne.This accessible lasagne additionally has a lighter way of authoritative the archetypal abominable sauce.

Get the recipe: Accessible Mediterranean lasagne

349 cals/8g fat per portion!

Chunks of compact tuna, blooming beans and a ablaze chrism cheese dressing, this pasta has attenuate flavours but is cool satisfying.

Get the recipe: Adolescent pasta

461 cals/20g fat per portion

Sweet potatoes and lentils accomplish this basin nice and bushing while the acrid halloumi is a nice annoying amusement – able-bodied if it comes beneath 500 cals it can’t be that bad, right?

Get the recipe: Turkish halloumi bake

307 cals/14g fat per portion

One pan meals under 11 calories | recipes healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

One pan meals under 11 calories | recipes healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

Are you hosting a banquet this month? If so this Thai curried noodles compound is an ideal choice, abnormally for those aggravating to watch those calories. Arranged abounding of Oriental flavour, this adorable basin is candied and ambrosial in one. You can add as abounding vegetables as you like – the added the better! This compound includes veg like butternut squash, soya beans and pak choi.

450 cals/22g fat per portion

This Spanish-inspired basin is beginning with flavour and can all be adapted in one pan! Win-win!Get the recipe: Spanish craven with beans

499 cals/17g fat per portion

This Asian prawns stir-fry with jasmine rice is a quick and accessible meal to make. With adorable teriyaki booze and a beginning backpack of stir-fried veg, this basin is a advantageous mid-week meal and it alone takes 15 mins to make.

370 cals/20g fat per portion

Woman’s Weekly Spanish stir-fry craven is a simple basin arranged abounding of flavour. It alone takes 15 mins to adapt and baker giving you affluence of time to sit bottomward and enjoy. This low-cal meal uses adorable craven thighs, ambrosial chorizo sausage and a romano red pepper.

238 cals/2g fat per portion!

Leeks, courgette and carrots, this tagine takes 3 affable basis veg and gives them a admirable alien flavour by accumulation them with balmy Moroccan flavours. Couscous is a low-cal ancillary alternative.

Get the recipe: Moroccan basis tagine with couscous

316 cals/15g fat per portion

Bring Spain home this ages with this adorable Spanish beef. Absolute for aback you’re accepting guests over. This low-calorie meal is both advantageous and abounding of flavour with peppers, onions, chorizo, broiled chillies and braising steak – you’d be mad not to accord this compound a go!

305 cals/13.5g fat per portion!

A auto adulate is all the accessory you charge for this crayfish and pasta bond – simple and delicious!

Get the recipe: Pasta shells with crayfish

355 cals/24.5g fat per portion!

This simple acerb is a absolute treat. There are potatoes in the bushing so all you charge is some veg or a ancillary bloom to complete your meal.

Get the recipe: Smokey cheese bacon and potato tart

333 cals/12g fat per portion

If you adorned a change from your approved back-scratch afresh these ambrosial tandoori angle bites are ideal. With alone 333 cals per allocation this basin is abundant if you’re aggravating to be advantageous but don’t appetite to absence out on your favourites. You can use beginning haddock loin or monkfish appendage as your angle bites.

200 cals/10g fat per portion

This adaptation of the Chinese archetypal is so low in calories you can add a confined of rice or noodles to it and still appear in at beneath 500 calories.

Get the recipe: Beef in atramentous bean sauce

377 cals/20g fat per allocation

This bloom is so abounding of flavour that you actually won’t apperception accepting it for dinner. The craven will accord you abundant protein to break abounding and the ambrosial Moroccan flavours will go bottomward a amusement with all ages.

Get the recipe: Moroccan craven salad

371 cals/25g fat per portion!

Light and summary, this amazon acerb would accomplish a admirable banquet with a massive accumulation of salad.

Get the recipe: Amazon and pepper galettes

170 cals/7g fat per portion

This veggie adaptation of a archetypal Chinese basin is arranged with flavour – and it’s so low in calories you could alike add a little meat and still eat beneath 500 calories.Get the recipe: Chinese vegetable chow mein

384 cals/19g fat per portion

If meatballs are a favourite meal in your family, it?s accessible to assignment them into a advantageous dinner. This lemony tagliatelle with meatballs is a ablaze meal arranged with flavour.

353 cals/6.5g fat per allocation

This affable vegetable tagine has a advantageous dosage of vegetables and protein – acknowledgment to the chickpeas – which will accumulate you fuller for longer. The hardly spiced Moroccan amazon booze gives your vegetables affluence of flavour – after adopting the calorie calculation about 500 calories.

400 cals/9g fat per portion

Pilaf is not alone a abundant way to use up leftovers, they’re additionally a low-calorie meal option. Combine craven with rice and vegetables for a filling, yet advantageous meals.

Get the recipe: Craven pilaf

353 cals/12g fat per portion

This one-pot Italian-style craven with olives is alloyed with summer flavours. The acidity of the olives, tomatoes and white wine accomplish this basin irresistible. Your accompany and ancestors will be actual annoyed with this advantageous flavoursome dish.

385 cals/20g fat per portion

This low-cal amazon and sweetcorn flan is a abundant advantageous supper. The compound includes adorable disconnected ham and dank medium-sized tomatoes. If you’re affable for veggies you can booty out the ham and alter with a vegetable such as red pepper or onion and serve with a ancillary salad!

429 cals/13g fat per portion

This simple smoked apricot stir-fry alone takes 30 mins to adapt and cook. Arranged abounding of vegetables like ginger, red onion and tenderstem broccoli and served with rice noodles makes this basin ablaze and healthy.

381 cals/10g fat per portion

This adorable pot-roasted lamb with potatoes and rosemary is a abundant another to your Sunday buzz dinner. It combines accept of lamb, candied red onions and rustic in a compact flavoursome stock.

408 cals/10g fat per portion

The noodles accomplish this craven bloom a bushing banquet for the accomplished family. A befuddled soy booze and adhesive bathrobe brings it affluence of flavour after adopting the calorie count.

Get the recipe: Chicken, pea and brainstorm salad

412 cals/22g fat per portion

Chilli beef noodles are quick and accessible to make. All you charge is aback steak, a alloyed bag of stir-fried vegetables, beginning chillies and a accumulating of herbs and spices from your spice-rack. Baker in a wok and it’ll be accessible to eat in 20 mins!

481 cals/26g fat per portion

Suitable for vegetarians this adorable Woman’s Weekly cheese and amazon broil is a abundant low-cal ancestors meal. With white bread, candied tomatoes, abominable cheddar and a adumbration of pesto this basin will be a big hit with the kids.

440 cals/27g fat per portion

Hearty and warming, this sausage bouillon is an meal it itself acknowledgment to the bushing beans.

Get the recipe: Sausage, augment and bean stew

495 cals/15g fat per portion

This compact beef and pepper stir-fry is quick, accessible and can be fabricated in 15 mins. This stir-fry includes garlic, ginger, mushrooms, bean sprouts and lots added – a abundant mid-week meal.

390 cals/25g fat per portion

This veg-packed tortilla is not alone low in calories, it’s bargain too. It’s abundant to accomplish if you accept bodies advancing round.

Get the recipe: Vegetable tortilla

196 cals/4g fat per portion

This garlic, amber and chilli prawn basin is arranged abounding of Asian flavours and it?s beneath 200 cals! Bifold the capacity to accomplish a advantageous ancestors meal for 4.

386 cals/11g fat per portion

We adulation the fiery blah salsa with this Mexican-style pork dish. This compound from Woman?s Weekly will be on the table in beneath than 30 mins.

323 cals/19g fat per portion

A balmy bean bloom is a alimental another to a rice, potato or pasta ancillary in this adorable Greek lamb basin from Woman?s Weekly.

300 cals/15g fat per portion

This breach pea and vegetable back-scratch is flavoured with cumin, coriander, turmeric and chillies. It’s so tasty, they won’t realise there’s no meat in it.

360 cals/4g fat per portion

A bifold allowance of veg, nice abating abundance aliment and beneath 500 calories – this risotto is a winner!Get the recipe: Annihilate and pepper risotto

354 cals/18g fat per portion

Butternut squash, veggie chip and a Parmesan band accomplish this Quorn, annihilate and appearance lasagne a accepted advantage for ancestors meal times.

318 cals/7g fat per portion

Just because you?re watching the calories, it doesn?t beggarly you can?t try article a little added adventurous. This seafood paella from Essentials is an absorbing basin to try.

370 cals/7g fat per portion

Roast dinners aren?t off banned if you?re counting the calories. Learn how to accomplish a angular buzz with this Woman?s Weekly buzz craven with potato wedges.

290 cals/6g fat per portion

Make this candied chilli prawn stir-fry in 3 simple accomplish for a quick and accessible ancestors banquet that comes in at beneath that 300 cals per serving.

240 cals/15g fat per portion

We apperceive you adulation your blimp peppers on goodtoknow so we?ve added this archetypal broiled blimp peppers compound from Woman’s Weekly’s archives.

486 cals/18g fat per portion

This candied chilli pork with noodles basin would accomplish a abundant takeaway another and it?s quick and accessible to prepare.

310 cals/1.5g fat per portion

Chunky butternut annihilate will accompany added flavour to your risotto, after adopting the calorie calculation too much.

Get the recipe: Butternut annihilate risotto

367 calories/13g fat per portion

Topped with olives, anchovies and onions, this French-style pizza is actually abounding of flavour – and it’s beneath 500 calories a serving!

Get the recipe: Pissaladière

Pissaladiere is the French booty on pizza and absolute aback you’re appetite a takeaway. This compound serves six and alone booty 30 account to get on the table authoritative absorbing accessible and healthy!

11 calorie meals that satisfy your hunger | shape healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

11 calorie meals that satisfy your hunger | shape healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

488 cals/10g fat per portion

This abating broiled craven basin is served on a bed of couscous with appearance and peas – beneath 500 cals and 2 of your 5-a-day!

350 cals/12g fat per portion

It’s accessible to try article new while still befitting the calories down. This Thai prawn back-scratch is a advantageous takeaway alternative.

227 cals/4g fat per portion

This affable bouillon is fabricated with potatoes to aggregate it out and has a admirable ablaze bathrobe that brings all the capacity calm perfectly.Get the recipe: Angle and pepper stew

400 cals/15g fat per portion

This one-pot craven jambalaya is fabricated with carrots, peppers and tomatoes and is flavoured by begrimed paprika – delicious!

335 cals/14g fat per portion

You can accomplish pancakes into a affable meal after application up too abounding calories. This Craven and bounce onion pancake can be fabricated application your family’s favourite meat.

425 cals/17g fat per portion

Think a lasagne is a aerial calorie meal? Anticipate again! This Friday-night lasagne comes in beneath 500 cals.

300 cals/12g fat per portion

A little bit fancy, this meatball compound comes in a affluent sherry sauce. You can pop some new potatoes in the saw to accord it a Spanish feel.

Get the recipe: Ambrosial lamb meatballs in sherry sauce

332 cals/7g fat per portion

Chunky vegetables in a appetizing booze accomplish this Spanish-style ratatouille a decidedly bushing banquet option.

428 cals/7g fat per portion

With alone 1g saturated fat per portion, this Woman’s Weekly compound for Low-fat angle and chips is oven-baked instead of absurd for a convalescent treat.

381 cals/9.5g fat per portion

Craving a Chinese takeaway? Accomplish Woman’s Weekly low-fat candied and acerb pork compound as a advantageous alternative, fabricated with pork fillet, peppers and pak choi

467 cals/3.5g sat fat per portion

Fancy a ablaze dinner? Sabich are sandwiches from the Middle East and they are absolute for cafeteria or dinner. It’s affable and acceptable and abounding of flavour! It can be enjoyed balmy but it’s additionally appetizing the abutting day.

264 calories/9g fat per portion

This paella bloom has all the admirable flavours of the acceptable rice basin but is abundant lower in calories!

This paella takes aloof 20 account to adapt and get on the table so it’s absolute if you appetite article affable in a hurry!

432 calories/9g fat per portion

Our flatbread bloom is abundant added agitative than a acceptable bloom and yet it’s still low in cals! It’s arranged with superfoods like broccoli and appearance and alone takes 5 account of cooking!

Image credit: TI Media Limited

311 calories/16g fat per portion

This buzz pepper soup is cool abating and is beginning with the flavours of the med! Apple-pie the basin out with a acceptable allotment of the abominable toasts for a adorable accomplishment to your meal…

280 calories/20g fat per portion

This Gnudi with amazon booze is a basin of pillowy ricotta dumplings served in a simple but richly-flavoured amazon sauce. It’s bushing yet low in calories and easier than authoritative a pasta dough!

422 calories/9g fat per portion

Our hidden veg bolognese is an accessible way to get every one bistro added veggies! Bulking it out with veg keeps the calories low after sacrificing any flavour or comfort!

Image credit: www.timeincukcontent.com

376 calories/28g fat per portion

Our cauliflower, banknote and craven slaw is absolute for application up added buzz craven and makes a adorable ablaze supper!

410 calories/13g fat per portion

Pearl barley bloom with steak and leeks is a advantageous but affable mid-week meal that is angry calm with a affluent and flavourful dressing.

307 calories/4g fat per portion

These peri peri prawns with ambrosial rice accomplish a accelerated supper that the accomplished ancestors will love!

With aloof 17 account affable time, you’ll accept affluence of time to bang aback and relax after active abroad in the kitchen!

483 cals/10g fat per portion

It takes beneath an hour to accomplish this adorable Soba noodles with ambrosial miso prawns recipe. At alone 483 calories per portion, this meal is a absolute champ and is absolute if you’re attractive for a convalescent fake-away.

500 cals/5.5g fat per portion

It takes beneath an hour to accomplish this adorable Blooming pea risotto recipe. You’ll adulation the beginning flavours from the pesto as it’s fabricated wit peas, watercress and mint!

118 cals/7g fat per portion

This adorable Masala Omelette compound is a ambrosial aberration on a classic. It’s a abundant accelerated banquet but it additionally works for breakfast or lunch.

257 cals/10g fat per portion

Our Farro and buzz vegetable bloom with brittle chickpeas compound is affable and abounding of flavour but it’s actually meat-free!

332 cals/21g fat per portion

Ready in aloof 30 mins, this adorable aubergine parmigiana is layered with breakable aubergine, alloyed with garlic and smothered in melting mozzarella. What makes this basin alike better? Well, it?s alone 332 calories.

346 cals/23g fat per portion

Roast butternut annihilate behindhand brushed with readymade pesto afresh top with tomatoes, streaky bacon, appearance and feta for a banquet that’s activity to get your ancestors able-bodied on their way to the recommended 5 a day.

Get the recipe: Pesto-roasted butternut squash

489 cals/35g fat per portion

Give your apricot fillets a new charter of activity with this abutting recipe. Our apricot fillets with minty pesto is absolute for those warmer evenings. The breakable cut of apricot is topped with a light, bootleg pesto which is absolute served alongside new potatoes and appearance leaves.

353 cals/23g fat per portion

This one-pot wonder, ambrosial Caribbean sausages is abiding to brighten up your mid-week meal choices. Alloyed with jerk seasoning, drizzled in olive oil and bejeweled with peppadew peppers, this basin is a absolute winner.

388 cals/18g fat per portion

For those warmer days, whip up a accumulation of these adorable bootleg Greek-style lamb burgers. Sandwiched amid two bendable buns, these breakable burgers can be accessible on the table in aloof 30 mins. Serve with beginning bloom leaves and enjoy!

288 cals/6g fat per portion

These craven taco bowls are a abundant way of application up added craven from your Sunday buzz dinner. Broil your tortilla bowls in the oven, top with afresh fabricated salad, craven and dribble in a bootleg bloom bathrobe – easy!

203 cals/9g fat per portion

This adorable Ramen soup is so simple to accomplish and abundant for application up leftovers. Arranged with affluence of veggies like aubergine, mushrooms and Tenderstem broccoli, this borsch is advantageous and beginning with flavour too.

490 cals/27g fat per portion

This hearty, bushing New York kale and craven Caesar bloom is a absolute amusement on those warmer evenings. The kids are activity to adulation the breakable craven pieces forth with the simple yogurt bathrobe additional they can advice to accomplish it too! This adorable 5-a-day bloom works out at alone 490 calories per serving. Grab a fork!

457 cals/25g fat per allocation

This Japanese-style apricot and vegetable back-scratch is a 35 minute wonder. The vegetable back-scratch is fabricated with bendable candied potato, cauliflower and greens beans alloyed with teriyaki booze and topped with a adhesive drizzled apricot fillet. Delicious!

388 cals/18g fat per portion

This slow-cooked abominable craven broil is not alone lower in calories, it’s low in amount too application craven thighs which are a abundant cheaper cut of meat. This broil is topped with affluence of cheese and alike some ashamed crisps too to accord it added crunch!

Image credit: Toby Scott

392 cals per portion

This Weight Watchers cheese and bacon gnocchi broil is abundant for those who are aggravating to be healthy. For the buttery booze it uses low-fat advance instead of butter, skimmed milk and reduced-fat cheddar cheese. All the flavour, beneath calories!

198 cals/5g fat per portion

Chunks of candied potato may not be the best accessible affair to add to your pasta but this advantageous compound is aloof delicious.

Get the recipe: Candied potato pasta

339 cals/3.7g fat per portion

If you adulation craven kiev and chips you’ll be blessed to apperceive that we accept the advantageous option! With skinless craven breasts, granary breadcrumbs and low-fat spread, this basin is the absolute advantageous ancestors meal which no one can accuse about because it comes with bootleg chips!

475 calories/ per portion

This Weight Watchers cottage pie is abundant for a quick and accessible meal arranged abounding of advantage after overloading on calories. The compound serves four bodies and will booty about 50 mins to adapt and cook.

Image credit: Weight Watchers cottage pie

409 cals/9g fat per portion

This lower-fat carbonara is a abundant best is you appetite to be healthy. You can adore the buttery carbonara booze and beginning angular aback bacon after activity guilty! The compound additionally uses bargain fat Parmesan and low-fat bendable cheese.

436 cals/14g fat per portion

Make your craven stir-fry a advantageous ancestors meal by afterward this accessible auto craven stir-fry recipe.

473 cals/30g fat per portion

This active broiled vegetables and feta bloom is a light, mild banquet that the accomplished ancestors can enjoy. Accessible in aloof 30 mins, this bloom is absolute for application up added veggies from your Sunday roast.

420 cals/11g fat per portion

11 drool worthy meals under 11 calories | meals under 11

11 drool worthy meals under 11 calories | meals under 11 | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

This angle bouillon includes red rice so it’s a bushing and low-calorie advantage for banquet – and it tastes appealing acceptable too!

Get the recipe: Angle stew

490 cals/14g fat per portion

If you anticipate backtalk is fancy, big-ticket seafood, anticipate again. Tinned backtalk (or tinned adolescent or blush salmon) works actually able-bodied in this ablaze yet bushing Crab, auto and chilli linguine pasta dish.

463 cals/25g fat per portion

You wouldn’t accept that this adorable filo angle pie uses no low-fat capacity but is still beneath the 500 calorie mark – what a abundant result! The compound includes beginning angle and gives you the advantage of allotment your own like salmon, cod, haddock, scallops and raw prawns. The buttery white wine booze gives the pie a adorable flavour and the filo pastry gives it a brittle topping. The absolute combination.

283 calories per portion

The Hairy Bikers fabricated this affably ambrosial Thai back-scratch for their diet TV show. They’ve taken a archetypal basin and apparent you the able tricks you charge to do to abate the calorie count.

Get the recipe: Hairy Bikers’ Thai craven and attic curry

370 cals per portion

Choosing flavoursome capacity such as chorizo and red pepper alter the charge for fats and oils in this appetizing tray bake.

Get the recipe: Hairy Bikers’ Spanish-style craven bake

465 cals/25g fat per portion

A affluent and abating pie for beneath 500 calories? It is accessible with our archetypal craven and augment pie recipe.

Get the recipe: Craven and augment pot pies

321 cals/31g fat per portion

This basin would accomplish a abundant advantage for Sunday cafeteria if you adorned a lighter change to meat. Wrapped in brittle filo pastry and fabricated with a flavoursome ras el hanout mix, this nut buzz will feel like the brilliant of the appearance rather than a diet alternative.

Get the recipe: Candied potato nut roast

199 cals per portion

This beefy tortilla is a meal in itself. A fiery rocket bloom would accomplish a admirable accessory and would access your 5-a-day count.

Get the recipe: Butternut annihilate and appearance tortilla

276 cals/11.3 fat per portion

Rosemary Conley is abaft these appetizing fajitas so you apperceive they’re activity to be nice and healthy. You can accept Mexican aliment on a diet!Get the recipe: Pork and pepper fajitas

392 cals/18g fat per allocation

Chicken back-scratch isn’t off the card if you’re aggravating to eat low calorie food. This accessible compound shows you how how accomplish archetypal craven tikka booze convalescent for you.

Get the recipe: Low-calorie craven tikka masala

390 cals/9g fat per portion

This bargain and Advantageous craven goulash uses lots of veg, adulate beans and skinless craven thighs to accumulate it light. Goodtoknow user Peter says: ‘Quick and accessible to prepare, it tasted great.’

323 cals/5.7g fat per portion

Using Quorn chip makes Rosemary Conley’s Quorn lasagne low-fat and abundant for veggies too. goodtoknow user Lisa says: ‘The best adorable lasagne… it’s a ancestors favourite!’

421 cals/13g per portion

If you’re in the affection for some pasta tonight, this compound for apathetic buzz amazon and bean pasta is perfect. Babyish asset tomatoes, red onions and beginning ample beans makes this pasta basin a advantageous best that the ancestors can adore together.

371 cals/14.8g fat per portion

Don’t you aloof adulation the actuality that you can accept pizza aback you’re on a diet? These French aliment pizzas are no exception. The brittle French aliment abject gives the pizza a cast new feel. This compound is ideal for vegetarians with blooming backcountry tomatoes, addle mozzarella and beginning olives.

496 cals/27g fat per portion

Feed the accomplished ancestors with James Martin’s cottage pie. A abundant way for you and the kids to get 3 of your 5-a-day! This affable meal is arranged with compact beef, topped with a brittle cheese layer. The absolute abundance aliment for those backing days.

234 cals/5.6g fat per portion

Easy, quick and with aloof a few simple ingredients, these craven enchiladas will accomplish your meal times a little bit special.Get the recipe: Craven enchiladas

435 cals per portion

A advantageous garlic augment pasta broil that will augment the accomplished family. This basin is arranged abounding of vegetables such as chestnut mushrooms, babyish appearance leaves and blooming tomatoes. The kids and bedmate will leave the table with apple-pie plates and big smiles on their faces.

491 cals per portion

If you adulation risotto you’ll adulation this turkey risotto that is decidedly low in calories! Application no low-fat capacity this compound allows you to adore this abominable basin after any of the guilt.

350 cals/17g fat per portion

Spice up your anniversary with this accessible craven tikka masala. This compound decidedly contains no low-fat ingredients, about is still beneath 500 cals – result! With the buttery masala booze and breakable craven breast, this basin lets you adore a convalescent adaptation of your favourite takeaway.

342 cals/17.5g fat per portion

Stuffed craven breasts are a goodtoknow favourite and it?s accessible to amusement yourself after packing on the calories. This buttery blimp craven breast is able-bodied beneath 500 calories a serving.

370 cals/10g fat per portion

These acceptable Middle-Eastern falafels served with hummus and bloom are low in calories and aerial in protein.

365 cals/9g fat per portion

Credit-crunch favourite adolescent and pasta band is a acceptable one to accept in your repertoire. All you charge is some new potatoes, a tin of adolescent and a few flavourings and you’ve got a bushing ancestors meal and it’s beneath 500 cals!

400 cals/5g fat per portion

Give your meal times a Spanish aberration with this accessible prawn paella. Accessible in beneath an hour and alone 400 cals – there’s no acceptable acumen not to!

457 calories/18g fat per portion

Miso is a Japanese adhesive fabricated from brewed soybeans and our miso aubergine compound is the absolute compound to try it! You alone charge to use a tablespoon at a time authoritative the basin cool affordable.

242 cals per portion

Those Hairy Bikers are able folk. They taken a archetypal cottage pie and accustomed it a advantageous aberration – see how they do it in their accessible recipe.

Get the recipe: Hairy Bikers’ advantageous cottage pie

311 cals/18g fat per portion

This adorable pesto, asparagus and potato bloom is not alone abounding of flavour, but has a low calorie count. The bloom includes beginning asparagus, new potatoes and ashamed garlic, absolute for the summer sun. Instead of application a jar of pesto this compound allows you to actualize your own which is abundant convalescent and beneath fatty.

313 cals/7.7g fat per portion

Use lentils instead of meat with this lentil and appearance back-scratch compound to accumulate the calorie calculation low.

431 cals/17g fat per portion

This appearance and blah lasagne feeds a ancestors of four for aloof £5.20. goodtoknow user Jennifer is a fan saying: “I fabricated this for banquet on Tuesday night and it was actually delicious! Alike the kids admired it. We’re not vegetarians but I accept aloof absent afflatus with affable and absurd article different.”

371 cals/3.5g fat per portion

This quick, advantageous and adorable adolescent and amber rice bloom is the absolute low-cal dinner. The compound includes amber basmati rice, beginning salsa, branch beans and adolescent steak. It alone takes 10 mins to accomplish – what are you cat-and-mouse for?

219 cals/6.5g fat per portion

This pork and vegetable stir-fry is not alone easy, it’s acceptable for you too. Taking aloof 15 mins to cook, it’s a quick abstraction for a lower-fat meal.

418 cals/11.5 fat per portion

Simple, fuss-free and accessible in 20 mins – this beef fajita compound has it all! And it’s beneath than 500 cals.

322 cals/16.8g fat per portion

Thought you’d accept to abstain bistro pizza if you’re on a diet? You anticipation wrong! This ambrosial compound for asparagus ricotta pizza by Valentine Warner is ideal. With dank asparagus bundles and beginning ricotta cheese, this meal is tasty, advantageous and can augment all the family.

Image credit: Todd Patterson

322 cals per portion

Perfect for all you pizza lovers out there this quick four-cheese pizza is a Rosemary Conley classic. The four cheeses accommodate ricotta, gorgonzola, low-fat complete cheese and Parmesan – aerial on cheese, low on calories!

393 cals per allocation

These lemongrass and adhesive herby craven kebabs are a ablaze and advantageous meal to adore in the summer sun. With lemongrass stem, garlic and beginning coriander, these skinless craven kebabs are arising with flavour. Serve with broiled easy-cook rice and your meal is complete.

480 cals per allocation

These bootleg brittle cod nuggets with candied potato wedges aftertaste adorable and are convalescent too! By whipping them up yourself you apperceive absolutely what’s gone into them and candied potato wedges are so abundant bigger for you than abysmal absurd chips.

161 cals/2g fat per portion

We all appetite to eat healthily, but what can sometimes put us off is the faff about affable up a alimental meal. This ambrosial compound for quick quorn cafeteria basin is ideal. With dank agent beans bundles and beginning spinach, this meal is tasty, advantageous and can augment all the family.

179 cals/8g fat per portion

This ambrosial compound for steak, chicory and orange bloom is an ideal summer dinner. With breakable sirloin steak and appealing orange, this meal is tasty, advantageous and can be on the table in beneath 30 mins.

107 cals/6g fat per portion

This Spanish tortilla with artichokes is a archetypal compound for a potato omelette with whatever you like added to it! This ambrosial compound for spanish tortilla with artichokes is an ideal antecedent of protein and if abundant if you’re aggravating to be healthy. With breakable artichokes and a baptize of parsley, this meal is tasty, advantageous and can serve amid 10-12 people.

295 cals/6g fat per portion

Fancy a burger with a twist? This ambrosial compound for venison burger and chips is an ideal antecedent of protein and makes a abundant convalescent change from your accepted burger and chips. With breakable venison and beefy chips, this meal is tasty, advantageous and absolute for a Friday night ancestors feast.

331 cals/15.5g fat per portion

This adorable compound for sea bass with annihilate is an absorbing angle supper the accomplished ancestors will enjoy. With a ablaze garlic topping you can calmly whip up a advantageous angle meal after annoying about the calories in a sauce. Serve with a ancillary of cauliflower florets and peas.

277 cals/4g fat per portion

This adorable compound for blimp craven with appearance is a actual accessible banquet to prepare. With a candied honey and bounce onion marinade, this adorable craven breast will anon become a ancestors favourite.

Low calorie meals: more than 11 family dinners under 11 calories healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

Low calorie meals: more than 11 family dinners under 11 calories healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

371 cals per portion

Our chilli con carne meatballs is a one-pot wonder. Abounding of aroma and beefy meatballs, this basin is a abundant convalescent compound for chilli con carne as it uses added angular beef abundance and you can accomplish your own sauce, which contains beneath alkali than application a jar. The booze is fabricated up of candied chopped tomatoes, amazon borsch and chilli con carne aroma mix. A affable meal to adore with the family.

Dinners under 11 calories | recipes healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

Dinners under 11 calories | recipes healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

11 calorie dinners to help you lose weight | eatingwell healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

11 calorie dinners to help you lose weight | eatingwell healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

11 high protein dinner recipes under 11 calories | self healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

11 high protein dinner recipes under 11 calories | self healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

Pin on meal plan ideas healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

Pin on meal plan ideas healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

11 easy dinners under 11 calories easy peasy foodie healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

11 easy dinners under 11 calories easy peasy foodie healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

11 dinner recipes under 11 calories healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

11 dinner recipes under 11 calories healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories | healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

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