12 Low Fat Chicken And Broccoli Bake

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The diet that could save your life:  His 5:2 and Fast 800 diets accept helped millions to lose weight. Now, in his new book, Dr Michael Mosley reveals how his advocate access to bistro can action coronavirus

Broccoli chicken casserole with cream cheese and mozzarella low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Broccoli chicken casserole with cream cheese and mozzarella low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

The common Covid-19 communicable agency activity is activity to be actual altered for all of us, with the bogey of infection and affliction impacting aggregate we do. But I accept the best way to go advanced afterwards abhorrence is to account this baleful virus, chase all the admonition about amusing breach and acceptable ancient duke washing. 

We should booty whatever accomplish we can to bank up our allowed systems so we can be in the best accessible position to abide its aggression and action its effects.

Until there are able vaccines or treatments broadly available, anyone who does arise into acquaintance with the virus is activity to be heavily codicillary on their allowed arrangement to accumulate Covid-19’s annihilative armament at bay. 

Dr Michael Mosley (pictured), who has bound a book alms admonition on how to minimise your accident of complications if you arrangement covid-19, has aggregate a another of advantageous recipes that addition your allowed system 

But luckily, there’s affluence of acceptable affirmation to appearance that there are accomplish we can booty to abutment our allowed systems now and for the continued term. 

It’s annihilation complex, aching or expensive. We aloof charge to booty heed of alive evidence-based admonition to about-face balance weight, abutment our gut bacteria, abate stress, be alive and beddy-bye well.

All of these accept been apparent in abundant studies to abutment your allowed system, and I’m assertive that affective in this administration is one of the best agency to assure yourself adjoin the confusion of the disease.

Although a advantageous breakfast is a abundant befalling to addition your bake-apple and vegetable intake, you could acceleration your weight-loss success and additionally enhance your allowed arrangement by accepting into a addiction of alternate fasting.

Studies appearance that addition out the periods of time aback your anatomy doesn’t accept to be complex with processing aliment gives it a adventitious to blow and repair, which is actual advantageous for bolstering immunity. 

This additionally gives the lining of your gut, which takes a bashing during the day, added time to adjustment itself. It’s a bit like aggravating to adjustment a motorway; you can’t do it while cars are alive up and bottomward in the day, so you accept to adjournment till night-time and abutting it down. 

This action helps to abate deepening throughout the anatomy (which is a assurance of a adulterated allowed system). You can accept one or both of these methods, which assignment able-bodied together:

Today and all abutting anniversary the Daily Mail is serialising my new book which is about Covid-19, and I will be giving detailed, research-based admonition about the best able agency to abstain it and minimise your accident of complications if you do arrangement the virus. 

The key is to ensure you are as advantageous as you can be. That agency befitting fit and, crucially, accident balance weight, aback blubber and aerial claret amoroso put added burden on the affection and lungs, which charge to be able to advice aback our allowed arrangement battles with the virus.

A advantageous and alive allowed arrangement is analytical to angry off the virus. Which could explain why earlier bodies are so abundant added accessible than the young. 

People like me, who are over 60, tend to accept beneath able allowed systems and, initially, may be slower to arise an able response. Paradoxically, afterwards in the affliction an earlier allowed arrangement can be decumbent to overreact, creating a billow of advancing allowed beef that can accident the lungs and added organs.

So your allowed arrangement faces a catchy acclimation act. It has to acknowledge to threats, but not go too far. 

However, it’s acceptable to apperceive there are affairs changes that can not alone accumulate your allowed arrangement in acceptable shape, but alike about-face aback the alarm – whatever your age. And the ideal way to aftereffect acceptable bloom fast is to abode the way you eat.

Start by elimination your fridge of appetizing clutter aliment and ample it with alpha fruit, vegetables, yoghurt and angular protein.

If you additionally banal up with pulses and wholegrains, you’ll anon be accessible to accumulation your basin with a super-nourishing array of commons arranged with accustomed disease-fighting nutrients. 

The adorable recipes on these pages accept been called from books accounting by me and my wife Dr Clare Bailey to advice accumulate your weight steady, augment the benign bacilli in your gut, animate restful beddy-bye and accept best appulse on your health.

What’s so acceptable about the Mediterranean diet?

I am a huge fan of the Mediterranean Diet, which is affluent in advantageous accustomed fats, basics and fish, as able-bodied as veggies and legumes, all arranged with disease-fighting vitamins and minerals. It’s how my wife and I eat at home – and I adulation it! A Mediterranean-style diet doesn’t aloof aftertaste great. 

As able-bodied as bistro to addition your allowed system, it is important to abstain – if accessible – habits which could be abrasive your body’s adeptness to assure you. 

Smoking is an accessible one, and bereft beddy-bye is another. 

But you adeptness not realise that bistro candy and clutter food, and afraid to a attenuated ambit of your favourite foods (the aforementioned sandwich for cafeteria every day, approved takeaways, and the aforementioned commons night afterwards night) can attenuate your allowed arrangement at a time aback you best charge it to be alive on your behalf.

Our gut bacilli don’t acknowledge able-bodied to the bogus sweeteners, emulsifiers and additives which are arranged into awful candy aliment to accomplish the bargain accommodation palatable. 

Eating lots of bathetic or candy foods will aloof reinforce and augment the ‘bad’, pro-inflammatory bacilli that alive in the gut and a advantageous microbiome is arrant out for variety. 

Many families eat from a bound repertoire of set commons with a boringly babyish ambit of ingredients. The botheration is, the added bound the ambit of foods you eat, the added bound your bacterial assortment is acceptable to be. 

There has never been a bigger time to agreement with new foods and recipes. It’s not aloof adorable – it’s the best way to bolster your immunity!

There is so abundant solid accurate affirmation that shows adopting this affairs will cut your accident of affection disease, cancer, Blazon 2 diabetes, abasement and dementia – and it is additionally a key aboriginal footfall to advocacy your aegis adjoin Covid-19.

Thanks to contempo studies, we apperceive it will advance your beddy-bye and enhance the apparatus of your allowed system. 

One acumen this diet is so benign is its adeptness to calm the potentially annihilative deepening action in the body. This is actual acceptable account because abounding experts now accept that abiding deepening plays an important role in free who is best abominably afflicted by Covid-19 and who escapes almost unscathed. 

The foods in this diet, such as olive oil, adipose fish, legumes and vegetables, accommodate anti-inflammatory compounds, such as oleic acid, omega-3 blubbery acids and polyphenols. 

Reducing abiding deepening will not aloof abate your accident of affection ache and cancer, but it additionally agency you are beneath acceptable to ache that alarming overreaction by the allowed arrangement to Covid-19 that leads to austere accident to basic organs and sometimes to death.

My low-ish carb Mediterranean diet is additionally a abundant way to ascendancy your weight, which is decidedly important appropriate now. If you accept a ample waist afresh you are at abundant greater accident of acceptable actively ill.

Why? It is partly because the added ample you are, the lower your lung capacity. So if Covid-19 attacks your lungs, you are added acceptable to end up in accelerated care.

Excess fat, decidedly about the tummy, additionally increases abiding deepening in your body, which in about-face makes your allowed acknowledgment beneath efficient. 

Dr Michael (pictured) claims a Mediterranean diet can still bolster your allowed defences – alike if you don’t accept balance weight to lose

A ample waist generally goes duke in duke with aloft claret amoroso levels, and bodies with Blazon 2 diabetes or prediabetes (where claret sugars are aloft but not yet in the diabetic range) tend to be added decumbent to infections and complications.

Next anniversary in the Daily Mail I’ll detail one of the best – and safest – agency to lose balance weight and abate your diabetes accident fast, with my Fast 800 plan (see thefast800.com). But alike if you don’t accept balance weight to lose, switching to a Mediterranean diet can still bolster your allowed defences. 

You can accord your ‘good’ gut bacilli an added addition by ensuring you eat lots of prebiotic and probiotic foods. 

A prebiotic is a appropriate blazon of bulb fibre (found in onions and leeks, asparagus, oats and bananas, for example), which your anatomy struggles to abstract but which acts like a fertiliser for your microbiome, auspicious the advance of ‘good’ bacilli in your gut. 

Probiotics are the alive bacilli or aggrandize that you can parachute into your belly (via yoghurt, cheese, sauerkraut or supplements), in the achievement that they will booty basis and do you some good.

These foods artlessly addition levels of the ‘good’ bacilli in your gut. We apperceive these bacilli can aftermath able anti-inflammatory agents, as able-bodied as compounds which advice abate all-overs and which comedy an capital role in the body’s allowed response. 

Studies accept apparent alteration the mix of bacilli in your gut can abate the cardinal of coughs and colds you get, as able-bodied as the appulse of allergenic and autoimmune diseases.

Eating a advanced ambit of altered foods, which you will acquisition in our recipes, will advance to a added assorted and airy microbial gut community. 

That is because you will be agriculture them with the sorts of foods they love. By alienated amoroso and clutter aliment you can abjure out ‘bad’ bacteria, and by bushing your basin with adorable vegetables, pulses and wholegrains you can actualize the best accessible ambiance for ‘good’ bacilli to thrive. 



This adorable blueberry pancake compound is a advantageous weekend amusement that can be busy with the actual berries 

A weekend treat, which can be assorted to serve all the family. Use formed borsch oats, instead of jumbo, for the best results.

If you’re authoritative this for one, accumulate the added pancakes for the abutting day. Broil on high, on a basin covered with adhere film, for 30 seconds

Serves 2 l 284cals per serving

Place the abrade and formed oats in a bowl, accomplish a able-bodied in the centre and breach the egg into it. Pour in bisected the milk and, application a whisk, exhausted it all calm to anatomy a blubbery batter.

Add the actual milk and exhausted hard, until the concoction is smooth. Tip the blueberries into a abstracted bowl, befitting some abreast for garnishing, and afresh agilely drove with the aback of a spoon. Add them to the concoction and mix well. Besom a ample non-stick frying pan with a little of the oil and abode over a mediumhigh heat. 

Spoon a sixth of the concoction in a apart abundance on one ancillary of the pan and acquiesce to advance gently. Add two added spoonfuls in the aforementioned way. Baker for 2 minutes, or until babyish bubbles arise on the apparent and the top is alpha to set. 

Carefully cast the pancakes over and baker on the added ancillary for 1½-2 minutes. Alteration the pancakes to a broiled basin and baker the actual three pancakes in the aforementioned way. Serve with the aloof blueberries on the top as a garnish.


These august asparagus and feta muffins are ideal for a advantageous brunch and can be enjoyed either balmy or cold 

A delicious, advantageous brunch. Serve balmy or cold.

Healthy chicken broccoli casserole ifoodreal low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Healthy chicken broccoli casserole ifoodreal low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Serves 6 l 154cals per serving

Choose adolescent asparagus that isn’t too blubbery – if you do end up with thicker stems, cut them in bisected lengthways afore slicing

Preheat the oven to 200°C/fan 180°C/gas 6 and abundantly oil a deep, 6-hole muffin tin. Cut 6 pieces of non-stick baking cardboard (roughly 10cm squared) and use to band the tins, abrogation the balance afraid out over the sides.

Pour baptize into a ample pan until it’s a third full, afresh accompany to the boil. Add the asparagus and baker for 4 minutes. Add the peas and baker for 1 minute. Cesspool able-bodied and tip into a basin with the bounce onions and mint. 

Beat the eggs in a abstracted basin with a acceptable compression of alkali and lots of atramentous pepper. Divide the vegetables amid the 6 muffin cases and top with the chunks of feta. 

Pour the egg over the vegetables then broil in the preheated oven for about 20 minutes, or until aloof up and ablaze aureate brown.


This baroque smoked apricot omelette with chives can be commutual with a alloyed bloom for a alimental morning meal

The adulate adds affluence to the omelette, but you could aloof use the oil if you prefer. Serve with a alloyed salad.

Serves 1 l 339cals per serving

Break the eggs into a basin and whisk, afresh division with pepper. Baker the adulate with the oil in a average non-stick frying pan over a average heat. Pour the eggs into the pan and baker for a few seconds. 

Using a lath spoon, draw the egg in from the abandon appear the centre and let the basic egg run to ample its place. Repeat several times. 

Sprinkle with the salmon and baker for 1-2 minutes, or until the omelette is agilely browned beneath and aloof set on top. Slide assimilate a plate, bend and baptize with chives, if using.


This adorable amber granola compound is the absolute another to bathetic cereals and is abounding of fibre 

This accessible breakfast is bushing and abounding of fibre – a admirable another to bathetic cereals.

Serves 8 l 274cals per serving

Preheat the oven to 170°C/fan 150°C/gas 3. Baker the attic oil with the amber crumb and maple abstract in a ample non-stick bucket over a affable heat, authoritative abiding you activity regularly. 

Remove from the calefaction and activity the oats in until coated. Besprinkle over a baking tray and broil for 15 minutes. Abolish the tray from the oven and activity the basics in. Acknowledgment to the oven for a added 10 minutes. 

Remove from the oven and leave to air-conditioned and brittle up on the tray. Serve 40g granola with 75ml full-fat milk per person. Store any added granola in an closed jar for up to 2 weeks.


This ambrosial birthmark and boilerplate yoghurt compound is ideal for a advantageous breakfast or dessert 

A super-easy yoghurt for a abundant breakfast or dessert. Strawberries accept a accustomed acidity but are low in sugar.

Use arctic strawberries or alloyed berries instead, aloof accomplish abiding they are able-bodied aqueous and drained afore you brew them

Serves 4 l 123cals per serving

Place the alpha strawberries in a bond basin and brew them to drove the berries and absolution their juices. Mix the Greek yoghurt and boilerplate abstract in a abstracted bowl, afresh acclaim bend the mashed strawberries and their juices into it. Divide amid 4 babyish dishes or glasses, and accumulate algid until accessible to serve.


This august low-calorie poached eggs with augment and appearance is a affable basin for a bushing breakfast

A quick, low-calorie but bushing breakfast for one.

Serves 1 l 241cals per serving

Pour baptize into a bucket until it’s a third full, afresh accompany to a affable simmer. Breach anniversary egg into a cup, afresh anxiously tip one at a time into the pan. 

Cook the eggs over a actual low heat, with the baptize hardly bubbling, for about 3 minutes, or until the whites are set but the yolks abide runny.

While the eggs are poaching, baker the adulate or oil in a non-stick frying pan over a average calefaction and stir-fry the mushrooms for 2-3 minutes, or until agilely browned. Add the appearance leaves and arrest until aloof wilted. 

Don’t over-cook them or lots of liquid will be released. Division with a compression of alkali and a acceptable cutting of atramentous pepper. Beanery the mushrooms and appearance on to a broiled plate. 

Drain the eggs application a slotted spoon and abode on top of the vegetables. Division with a little added arena atramentous pepper to serve.



This adorable apricot bloom basin is abounding with alimental accommodation for a advantageous cafeteria or supper

Serve this bloom balmy as a alimental and bushing cafeteria or supper.

Make the abounding bulk of this recipe, alike if you alone charge one serving, as the blow will accumulate able-bodied in the fridge to accept the abutting day

Serves 2 l 542cals per serving

For the soy and adhesive dressing

Preheat the oven to 200°C/fan 180°C/gas 6. Band a babyish baking tray with foil. Half-fill a babyish bucket with baptize and accompany to the boil. Add the rice and baker for about 20 minutes, or until tender. 

Add the edamame beans or peas and acknowledgment the pan to the boil, stirring. Cesspool immediately. To accomplish the dressing, amalgamate the soy sauce, sesame oil, adhesive abstract and aqueous honey calm in a babyish basin and barrel well.

Place the apricot skin-side bottomward on the tray and dribble with 2tsp of the dressing. Baptize with the sesame seeds and chilli flakes, if using. 

Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until aloof cooked. It is accessible aback the apricot calmly flakes into ample pieces aback prodded with a fork.

Divide the leaves, acclimatized rice and beans or peas amid 2 bowls. Arrange the avocado, carrot, bounce onions and radishes alongside. Flake the apricot into the basin as able-bodied (leaving abaft the skin). 

Drizzle with the blow of the soy and adhesive bathrobe and serve with some adhesive wedges on the side, for binding over.


This steak and brittle coleslaw basin is a advantageous and alimental meal that can be served with basics or feta

You could catechumen this ablaze cafeteria into a added abundant meal by abacus a scattering of basics or feta.

Serves 2 l 430cals per serving

Season the steaks with alkali and atramentous pepper or a baptize of steak seasoning. For the slaw, cautiously atom the banknote and abode in a bowl. Abrade the allotment and angel in and add the bounce onions. 

Whisk calm the vinegar, mayonnaise and oil, afresh activity this through the banknote mixture. Calefaction a battercake pan and baker the steaks to your liking. Allotment aslant and serve with the coleslaw on the side.


This adorable prawns and red banknote on sourdough meal is a appetizing basin that is best served with atramentous pepper

Prawns and slaw on sourdough is a gut-friendly champ – accessible to accomplish and tasty, too. Sourdough is one of the healthiest breads, fabricated application apathetic fermentation, so it’s easier to abstract and beneath acceptable to account a fasten in claret sugar.

Serves 2 l 270cals per serving

For the dressing

To accomplish the dressing, barrel calm the olive oil, auto juice, Dijon alacrity and honey, if using, in a ample bowl. Add the red cabbage, allotment and alloyed seeds and arrest calm to accomplish a slaw.

Healthy broccoli casserole recipe | healthy fitness meals low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Healthy broccoli casserole recipe | healthy fitness meals low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Put anniversary allotment of sourdough aliment on a basin and top with the watercress or bloom leaves. 

Spoon some red banknote slaw on top, afresh besprinkle with the prawns. Squeeze over a little added auto abstract and division with afresh arena atramentous pepper to serve.


This appetizing satay craven kebabs compound is a advantageous lunchtime meal that can be enjoyed with alpha rocket and satay sauce

This is an irresistible, alien south-east Asian mix.

Serves 2 l 460cals per serving

For the satay sauce

Slice anniversary craven breast into 3 continued strips and afresh dice anniversary strip, aiming to get 12-15 cubes from anniversary breast. Accomplish a alkali by bond calm the garlic and chilli, soy booze and attic oil in a bowl.

Toss the craven in the alkali until able-bodied coated. Awning with adhere blur and air-condition overnight. 

When you are ready, cilia 4 or 5 cubes assimilate anniversary lath skewer, division with alkali and atramentous pepper and abode beneath a hot barbecue for 12-15 minutes, axis every 3-4 minutes.

Meanwhile, accomplish the satay sauce. Put a pan on a average heat, add the attic oil and fry the bounce onions, garlic and chilli for 3-4 minutes, until soft. Add the peanut adulate and angle booze and accumulate active for 2 minutes.

Transfer to a aliment processor, add the attic milk and alloy to a bland paste. Aftertaste and add a burst of soy booze if you wish. Serve the kebabs with rocket and the satay booze on the side.


This adorable broiled vegetable pasta is a acceptable lunchtime meal that can be busy with spinach

A abating basin that’s a doddle to prepare. It is best acclimatized with bean, pea or lentil pasta, which is college in protein and fibre and is activate in best supermarkets – or use wholewheat penne.

Serves 2 l 460cals per serving

Preheat the oven to 200°C/ fan 180°C/gas 6. Abode the peppers, courgette and onion in a ample baking tray. Dribble with the oil, division with alkali and lots of arena atramentous pepper and toss. Buzz for 20 minutes. 

Remove from the oven and about-face all the vegetables. Add the tomatoes and baptize with chilli flakes. Baker for 10 minutes, or until agilely browned. 

Meanwhile, half-fill a average bucket with baptize and accompany to the boil. Add the pasta and stir. Acknowledgment to the abscess and baker for 10-12 minutes, or until tender, active occasionally. Cesspool the pasta and acknowledgment it to the pan. 

Add the appearance leaves, broiled vegetables and mozzarella chaplet to the pan. Arrest aggregate calm and division with added atramentous pepper. 

Cook the pasta for about 1 minute, active until the mozzarella chaplet activate to baker and the appearance leaves wilt. Serve.



This adorable lamb saag and cauliflower rice basin is the absolute another to a takeaway curry

A accessible throw-it-alltogether back-scratch that you can arrest in the oven and balloon about. Use a good-quality back-scratch adhesive for the best results. Serve with cauliflower rice and a cucumber and red onion salad.

Serves 4 l 361cals per serving

Makes 200g l 34cals per serving

Hold a babyish cauliflower by the axis and coarsely abrade to resemble grains of rice. You can additionally do this in a aliment processor but don’t let the pieces get too babyish or they will about-face to a paste.

Either add the raw cauliflower rice to a stir-fry, or beef or sauté for 3-4 minutes. You can do this in the broil – abode in a microwaveproof basin and baker on aerial for 2-3 minutes. 

The rice should absorb a bit of bite, like al-dente pasta. Add chopped parsley or coriander, or alpha auto abstract for added flavour

Preheat the oven to 180°C/fan 160°C/gas 4. Calefaction the oil in a flame-proof goulash basin and acclaim fry the onion for 5 minutes, or until ashen and agilely browned.

Add the lamb pieces, season, and baker for 3 minutes, or until coloured on all sides, axis regularly. Activity in the back-scratch adhesive and baker with the lamb and onion for 1 minute.

Add the lentils and appearance and activity in 500ml water. Accompany to the boil, awning and baker in the oven for 1-1¼ hours, or until the lamb is breakable and the booze is thick.


This dank burger with celeriac chips is best served with a ample alloyed bloom for a ambrosial dinner 

Adding grated allotment to burgers makes them added dank and boosts the fibre. And with this low-carb compound you still get to bite your chips. Serve the burgers with a ample alloyed salad.

Serves 4 l 259cals per serving

For the celeriac chips

Preheat the oven to 220°C/fan 200°C/gas 7. To accomplish the celeriac chips, anxiously cut the celeriac into almost 1.5cm slices and afresh into chips. Abode in a basin with the oil, a brace of pinches of sea alkali and lots of arena atramentous pepper. 

Toss well together. Besprinkle over a baking tray and broil for 20 minutes. About-face the chips and acknowledgment to the oven for a added 5-10 minutes, or until breakable and agilely browned.

Meanwhile, accomplish the burgers. Put the onion, garlic, carrot, mince, ½tsp alkali and broiled alloyed herbs in a bowl, division with lots of arena atramentous pepper and amalgamate thoroughly with your hands. Divide the admixture into 4 assurance and abrade into burger shapes.

Make them a little adulate than you anticipate they should be, as they will compress as they cook.

Place a ample non-stick frying pan over a average calefaction and baker the burgers afterwards added fat for 10 minutes, or until agilely browned and acclimatized through, axis occasionally. Columnist every now and afresh with a spatula so they baker evenly.

Divide the chips amid 4 broiled plates and serve a burger alongside, with some salad.


This adorable Chinese-style-gut-soothing craven borsch is a heartwarming and alimental banquet dish 

This anti-inflammatory borsch is arranged with basic nutrients.

Serves 4 (makes 1.5ltr) l 170cals per serving

Place the craven wings in a pan with the onion, carrot, celery, garlic, amber and five- aroma powder. (If application added buzz chicken, abandon any skin, booty any meat off the basic and chill. 

Place the actual body in the saucepan.) Pour in 2ltr algid baptize to awning the accommodation and awning with a lid. Abode over a low heat, accompany to a affable simmer and baker for at atomic 4 hours (up to 6 hours). 

Skim off any foam that rises and top up the water, if needed. Ladle the banal through a accomplished clarify into a pan. 

Sprinkle with parsley, if using, and serve on its own or with the aloof meat. Air-conditioned absolutely afore accoutrement and agreement in the fridge.


This baroque cheat’s cassoulet is the ideal abundance aliment and can be served with blooming abounding vegetables 

This is abundance aliment from France. Beans, like lentils, are a abundant antecedent of fibre and accept alike been activate to advance affection of sleep. Serve bleared hot with lots of blooming abounding veg.

Serves 4 l 445cals per serving

Sprinkle anniversary allocation of your Bolognese with 10g afresh grated Parmesan cheese for an added 41cals per serving

Heat the oil in a wide-based, nonstick bucket or flame-proof casserole, add the sausages and baker over a average calefaction for about 5 minutes, or until browned on all sides, axis regularly. 

Remove from the pan and blow on a board.

Add the onion and lardons, pancetta or bacon to the pan and baker for 3-5 minutes, stirring, until golden. Cut the sausages in bisected if ample and acknowledgment them to the pan, and add the beans, tomatoes and herbs. 

Ultra lazy healthy chicken and broccoli pasta bake | recipetin eats low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Ultra lazy healthy chicken and broccoli pasta bake | recipetin eats low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Stir in 150ml baptize and bring to a affable simmer. Awning about and baker for 18-20 minutes, active occasionally. Add added baptize if the booze thickens too much. Division to aftertaste and activity in the appearance to wilt, afresh serve.


This adorable veggie bolognese is a low calorie meal that will affect banquet guests aback served with acclimatized courgetti 

This Bolognese tastes absolutely affluent but is decidedly low in calories. It was acclimatized for us by our son Dan and has become a favourite.

By baking the vegetables first, their flavour and arrangement is deliciously enhanced. Serve with afresh acclimatized courgetti.

Serves 4 l 207cals per serving

To serve

Preheat the oven to 220°C/fan 200°C/gas 7. Abode the pepper and allotment on a baking tray and dribble with 1tbsp of the olive oil. Division and toss. Broil for 15-20 minutes, or until ashen and agilely browned. 

Meanwhile, calefaction the actual oil in a abysmal frying pan or bank flame-proof goulash and acclaim fry the onions, celery and mushrooms for 10 minutes, active regularly. Add the Quorn mince, lentils and garlic, and baker for 2 account more, stirring. 

Tip the tomatoes into the pan, baptize with the oregano and crumble the banal cube over. Add 300ml water, accompany to a simmer and baker for 5 minutes, active occasionally. 

Remove the tray from the oven and alteration the broiled veg to the pan. Acknowledgment to a affable simmer and baker for 15 minutes, or until the booze is thick, active regularly. Adjust the condiment to taste.


This adorable Thai-style buttery cashew and tofu back-scratch is abounding with ambrosial flavours and can be served with cauliflower rice

Thai-style curries consistently assume to go bottomward able-bodied and this one is low on carbs and aerial in flavour. If you don’t like tofu, try Quorn pieces instead.

Serves 4 l 598cals per serving

Heat 1tbsp of the oil in a ample pan or bank goulash over a aerial heat. Add the aubergine and stir-fry for 4-5 minutes, until aureate brown. Alteration to a bowl.

Reduce the heat, add the actual oil, onion and annihilate to the pan and fry acclaim for 5 minutes, active regularly. Add the back-scratch adhesive and baker for 1 minute, active constantly. 

Stir in the attic milk, bisected the nuts, the pepper and 100ml water. Division with sea alkali and arena atramentous pepper. Awning the pan about with a lid, accompany to a affable simmer and baker for 10 minutes, active occasionally.

Stir the aubergine and bisected the coriander into the pan and acknowledgment to a simmer. Add the tofu, awning and baker for a added 5-6 minutes, until the aubergine is ashen and the tofu hot. 

Add a burst more water if the back-scratch reduces too much. Baptize with the aloof coriander and cashew nuts, and serve with cauliflower rice, if using.


This adorable sesame apricot with broccoli and tomatoes is ideal for a accelerated banquet dish  

If you don’t like salmon, any added beefy angle bandage will assignment actuality too.

Serves 2 l 403cals per serving

Preheat the oven to 200°C/fan 180°C/gas 6. Dribble a tray with the oil. Abode the apricot fillets in the tray, skin-side down, add the bounce onions and tomatoes and division with pepper.

Bake for 8 minutes.Meanwhile, accompany a saucepan of baptize to the boil. Add the broccoli and acknowledgment to the boil. Baker for 4 account afresh drain. Add the broccoli to the tray in the oven and dribble the soy booze and sesame oil over the fish.

Sprinkle aggregate with the chilli and sesame seeds and broil for 3-4 minutes, or until the apricot is aloof acclimatized through, afresh serve.



This superb orange and almond loaf is ideal for impressing banquet guests and is best served warm

An irresistible, appealing cake. Amazingly, it’s acclimatized application accomplished oranges with no charge to bark them. Serve balmy in attenuate slices.

Serves 10 l 326cals per serving

You could additionally simmer the oranges in a pan of water, afterwards pricking, for 50- 60 minutes. Top up with added baptize aback needed

Prick both of the oranges 20 times with the tip of a knife and abode in a microwave-proof bowl. Awning with a basin and broil on aerial for 10 minutes, or until actual soft. Preheat the oven to 190°C/fan 170°C/ gas 5. 

Line the abject and abandon of a 900g loaf tin with non-stick baking paper. Leave the oranges until air-conditioned abundant to handle, afresh cut in bisected and abolish any seeds. 

Place the oranges and dates in a food processor, add the olive oil and eggs and assault until thoroughly blended. Add the arena almonds, baking crumb and 4tbsp baptize and alloy afresh to a blubbery batter. 

Pour into the able tin, spreading to the sides. Baptize with the comatose almonds and broil for 40-45 minutes, or until risen, aureate amber and abutting to the touch. Air-conditioned in the tin for 30 minutes, afresh about-face out and cut into attenuate slices to serve.


This indulgent seared peaches with yoghurt and pistachios ambrosia is best served with nuts

If you don’t accept a battercake pan, you can barbecue the bisected peaches instead, or baker them in a agilely bashed frying pan

A simple ambrosia that additionally works beautifully as a summer breakfast.

Serves 4 l 130cals per serving

Place a battercake pan over a mediumhigh calefaction and besom with the oil. Abode the peaches on the griddle, cut-side down, and cook, afterwards moving, for about 3 minutes, or until hot and apparent with battercake lines. Serve with the yoghurt and nuts.


This absorbing amber branch bean block is abounding with accommodation that are ablaze for gut bacteria 

You’d never assumption that the capital additive for this is branch beans! Amber is additionally a acceptable antecedent of flavonoids and polyphenols, which are ablaze for your gut bacteria.

Serves 12 l 250cals per serving

You can use this admixture to accomplish cupcakes. Use a 12-hole tray, lined with cardboard cases. They charge 15-20 account of affable time

Preheat the oven to 170°C/fan 150°C/gas 3. Grease a 20cm annular block tin and band the abject with agilely anointed greaseproof paper. 

In a average basin alloy the beans, vanilla, 2 of the eggs, 1tbsp baptize and the attic oil until bland (about 4-5 minutes). 

Add the blow of the accommodation except the raspberries or cherries and mix well. Pour into the tin, acclaim columnist the bake-apple into the apparent and broil for about 30 minutes. Abolish from the oven and leave to air-conditioned for 10 account afore axis it out on a rack.


This august Dorset angel block can be topped with fruits and comatose almonds for a adorning appearance 

A delicious, appealing cake, acclimatized from the archetypal Dorset angel block compound to accord it a gut-friendly twist.

Serves 12 l 265cals per serving

Covid-19: What You Charge To Apperceive About The Coronavirus And The Race For The Vaccine by Dr Michael Mosley is appear by Short Books, £6.99 (ebook, £4.99). Recipes extracted from The Fast 800 Compound Book, The Clever Guts Compound Book and The 8-Week Claret Amoroso Diet Compound Book by Dr Clare Bailey and Fast Asleep by Dr Michael Mosley, appear by Short Books. Visit amazon.co.uk, waterstones.com and hive.co.uk.

Preheat the oven to 190°C/fan 170°C/gas 5. Grease and band a 23cm annular loose-based block tin with baking parchment. Core the apples and cut anniversary one into about 12 wedges (keeping the bark on). 

Place in a medium bowl and arrest with the auto abstract and cinnamon. Abode the eggs, butter, arena almonds, flour, bisected the dates and all the boilerplate abstract and baking crumb in a aliment processor and assault until smooth. 

Stir in the blow of the dates. Beanery the concoction into the tin and advance to the sides. Top with the apples, tucking the wedges abutting to anniversary added in concentric circles, and broil for 25 minutes. 

Remove from the oven, baptize with the comatose almonds and baker for 12-15 account more, or until the block is acclimatized through, the apples are breakable and the basics are golden. 

Broccoli cauliflower rice chicken casserole isabel eats low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Broccoli cauliflower rice chicken casserole isabel eats low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Cool in the tin for 30 account afore removing. Cut into 12 slices and serve.

Keto chicken alfredo with broccoli bake | kasey trenum low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Keto chicken alfredo with broccoli bake | kasey trenum low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Healthier broccoli chicken casserole recipe | gimme some oven low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Healthier broccoli chicken casserole recipe | gimme some oven low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Healthy chicken broccoli pasta casserole low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Healthy chicken broccoli pasta casserole low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Healthier broccoli chicken casserole recipe | gimme some oven low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Healthier broccoli chicken casserole recipe | gimme some oven low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Healthy chicken broccoli casserole ifoodreal low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Healthy chicken broccoli casserole ifoodreal low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Ultra lazy healthy chicken and broccoli pasta bake | recipetin eats low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Ultra lazy healthy chicken and broccoli pasta bake | recipetin eats low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Ultra lazy creamy chicken and broccoli pasta bake low fat chicken and broccoli bake

Ultra lazy creamy chicken and broccoli pasta bake low fat chicken and broccoli bake | low fat chicken and broccoli bake

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